Let the Grazing begin…

I remember when I first heard about Grazeland. I was sitting in on a discussion regarding tourism in the west and it was flagged as a “watch this space” concept. Understandably there were lots of moving parts to be considered, but my interests were definitely piqued.

That felt like a million years ago. A pre-Covid pipe dream, but once I knew it was no longer a maybe, but a definitely, my plans began to formulate. I imagined a Disneyland of sorts, for foodies everywhere!

Then that pesky pandemic struck, and all bets were off.

Fast-forward twelve months, and I found myself lucky enough to be considered a VIP – or at least the plus one of a VIP! My excitement levels were maxed out!

As the world makes it’s way back to something resembling normal, we cautiously approach events with 25% optimism, 75% bracing for cancelled plans. The people behind Grazeland must have been holding their breath right up until the gates opened on their culinary wonderland.

Grazeland was well worth the wait!

Spotswood has always been a place worth visiting, but I am tipping it is about to get a whole lot busier.

As my VIP and I wandered beneath the archways of this new hot spot, the atmosphere was electric. Everywhere you looked, there was reason to drool.

A global, gastronomical gateway to gluttony!

Pizza, pasta, floating noodles and dumplings for days. And don’t even get me started on Sweet Street!

Grazeland has capitalized on its surroundings perfectly. With our iconic Westgate Bridge stretching out behind us, we are constantly reminded just how lucky we are to live so close to the city, but perhaps those peering out from the other side need to be reminded that they are the lucky ones. So much awesome, only a bridge-crossing away.

From every angle, this space is kind of spectacular. And the possibilities, endless.

Cheers to the entire team behind this fantastical project, and to every vendor who has ridden this wave of uncertainty – I am sure your perseverance will be rewarded.

We’ve been told all year to support local, so head down to Booker Street and wear your loose pants, because if you aren’t walking away from Grazeland completely bursting at the seams, you probably didn’t do it right.

Melissa Longo

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