Pen and Paper…

It’s been awhile, and I don’t know what to tell you.

Writing has suddenly become the most difficult thing in the world!

I’ve been jokingly declaring that I’m too happy to write, but the truth is, I just haven’t had the time.

Or drive.

For those of you who don’t hang on my every Instagram post (and there have been many,) I’ve had a tree change.

In fact, as I write this, I am rhythmically swaying in a swing, hanging from the peppercorn tree, in my rather large backyard…

Sounds idyllic, right?

A little braggy?

Sorry – not sorry.

We moved to Lara just before Christmas – a cosy rural town only 20 minutes from where I used to live, but it might as well be another planet, such is the difference in vibe.

Life is slower here. Shops are closed on Sundays.

Hell, they’re mostly closed after noon on Saturdays!

I love it.

There’s no traffic, no drama, no reason to rush. People talk to each other, and everywhere you look, nature is having it’s way.

In my three months here, I have encountered 3 mountain goats, 2 emus, 8 million bunnies, an incredible amount of bird-life, and one rather chill, but intimidating kangaroo. No snakes yet – thank goddess!

I’m tired all the time, because being house proud is kind of exhausting. I’ve mowed lawns and pulled weeds. Painted walls and ripped up carpet. We fill every last minute with tasks, and discussions about tasks.

We’ve never slept so well.

I know this is a strange concept, but I might be satisfied with my lot in life.

I am still trying to win Tattslotto, but only so we can pay professionals to do the tasks we are not fit to attempt. Tradies are expensive!

Crickets – I can literally hear crickets.

And the scratching of my pen on paper.

I still think about what was stripped away from us last year…

Before the Great Lockdown of 2020, I was desperate for the chaos of life. I bounced from place to place – events endlessly filling my calendar. Double booking, and trying to fit it all in.

Now I am reluctant to make plans at all!

Can I be there?

I guess.

I haven’t completely fallen off the grid, but I am not the social butterfly I once was. I am clinging to the parts of lockdown that made life better – the simplicity of having no where to be.

It’s fair to say that I should be experiencing an identity crisis of sorts, but I’m too happy to care.

So, what does all this mean for InkCloud?

Hard to say really. I still adore the western suburbs – I just don’t find myself in them as often as I used to be.

Shall I pivot? Everyone else has!

InkCloud – Beyond the West?

Despite my high levels of general glee, I am all too aware that the world is still in crisis mode. Bush fires, pandemics and Trumps require a fair amount of recovery time.

Celebrating Creativity and Positivity is perhaps more important than ever!


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