What’s it all About?


Ideas are funny things…. 

They come to you when you least expect them – usually in the bathroom. Or sometimes they appear in the outskirts of your mind, just as you are drifting off to sleep, suddenly making sleep seem like the least important thing in the world.

The idea for InkCloud came to me on one such evening, and I felt like I might never sleep again!

For as long as I can recall, I have been embracing the power of words. Through reading and writing, we discover and create portals to other universes. I derive such joy from sharing my words with others and I never want that joy to end.

Back in the 90’s, when the act of cutting and pasting began to take on new meaning, I used my Macintosh Classic to build my very own newspaper. Fast-forward 20+ years and here I am, sitting at my MacBook Pro, attempting it for real!

I’ve done my time at the local papers, writing, editing and designing. I am ready to take the skills I’ve learned and apply them to something bigger – something like InkCloud.

So what is InkCloud?

With community papers fading fast, there are limited opportunities for locals to shine. The Western Suburbs  are crying out for a space that celebrates creativity and positivity – InkCloud is that space. 

More than that, InkCloud will be a community – working together to connect like-minded individuals, foster creativity and encourage positivity, all the while inspiring each other endlessly.

Your stories are our stories. 

Your talent will fill our pages and we can’t wait to show  it off!

They say print is dead, but I believe people are feeling nostalgic. There is nothing better than the tangible quality of print media. Ink is an homage to that physicality and Cloud is an acknowledgement of the now, in all its digital splendour. 

If the right side of your brain needs a little extra loving, or you just care about the things that make our suburbs beautiful, then InkCloud is for you – welcome home!

Melissa Longo