A Tale of two lockdowns…

A note from the editor:

Life in Lockdown has looked different to many. This series has opened a window into these strange days -I have loved looking through, to discover the ways in which each contributor has gotten through this pandemic. It’s inspiring. This latest contribution may be my favourite yet…

While some of us have been busy making lists, soup and art, Amy Gardner, has been busy making life. Her contribution to this series, and to this world are equally glorious. Enjoy…

Lockdown 1.0

“They say we’re young and we don’t know
We won’t find out until we grow
Well I don’t know if all that’s true
‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you”

Our mornings begin the same way. I blast this track on the living room speakers, followed by our slow chiming (read groaning) in unison, “Groundhog Day”. Husband gets the breakfast and I make the coffee.

He lost his job three months ago. I finished up work to begin maternity leave.

It turns out that living in a pandemic is much the same as life in those last few weeks of pregnancy.

The days are long, quiet and repetitive. I rarely leave the house, but for essentials. Exercise is slow and very local. No day trips out to see the folks down on the coast. Daily affirmations to help my mental health. Lots of snacking. Ordering more take out than ever before.

And waiting. Oh the waiting.

Things are looking dire, but it doesn’t bring us down. While the world goes crazy, we barely notice. We’re protected from the panic, the chaotic hoarding and the confusing messages. The cases seem to be climbing, but we’re completely distracted.

We’re safe, we’re ready and we’re waiting. Something completely unknown. And something for us, much bigger than this worldwide lockdown.

Yes I’m feeling happy and quite calm, yet I can’t help but wonder: pregnancy or pandemic – is this the calm before the storm?

Lockdown 2.0

We perfectly timed the big day, for when normal life had begun to resurface. By the time we welcomed our miracle, there were fewer restrictions, a normal number of medics, no masks, visitors allowed.

And what a miracle.

Little toes on little feet.

A quivering chin and squawking mouth.

The most beautiful big eyes and the softest skin.

Our hearts completely full.

We had but a few weeks of normality before heading into a second round of pandemic lockdown.

Like everyone else, our lives have never been the same. There’s more worry. Less sleep. We see more hoarding, stricter rules and stronger confinement. Sometimes it’s hard to find the upside amongst the confusion and frustration.

Yet we know more than ever, that there are better things still to come.

Life with a newborn. We’re back to playing out Groundhog Day and, despite life in this pandemic, it’s actually so much better than ever before.

Those eyes. Those smiles.

This storm I can handle.

Sing it with me…

“I got you babe.”

Amy Gardner

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