My dearest, Sunshine…

It seems like forever, my faraway friend. I miss you always, and long for your warm embrace.

Now, like never before, I need you in my life. I spy you from a distance, as your golden light pours in through my lounge room window.

Is there anything finer than the promise of that glow?

I know you are busy, warming your other half – this world is so demanding of you, but I fear this current bout of isolation has made me selfish – I want you all for myself.

I am experiencing more darkness than usual.

The walls around me, looming large.

The truth is, I’m feeling all my feelings just a little too intensely these days.

I know I shouldn’t be drowning, but my lungs are filling up with despair.

I am adrift in an ocean of negativity – invisible currents, tugging at my optimism. Hope is often found on the horizon, but I cannot see it through this haze of uncertainty.

What does the future hold?

Is human contact a thing of the past?

Will I ever see the shores of Positano again?

As winter draws to an end, and you edge a little closer, my large-loomy walls collapse in on themselves a little, revealing an opening I’d thought long-sealed…

The decking outside my back door is awash in your yellowy goodness. I pull up a patch of my own, and am instantly transported.

My load is immediately lightened, if only for the duration of your radiance.

I turn my face towards yours, my eyes closing to your intensity – you are too much, and I cannot get enough.

I know that like all good things, this too shall end. By cloud cover, or your obsession with setting – we shall inevitably part ways.

But here, in this moment – warmed through to my very core, I am reminded of what lies beyond the haze…

That HOPE on the horizon – a promise that rises and falls with you. It is something to rely on, even when I can’t quite see it.

And for that I will forever be grateful.

Keep on shining!

Love forever,

Melissa Longo xx

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