Why should dogs hog the InkCloud spotlight?

Meet Salazar

She is 5 years old and extremely affectionate! originally thought to be a boy, but magically turned out to be a girl – Zar became the new moniker.  She despises the dog, loves chewing on house plants, and sleeping on her human’s face.

Enjoy a feline perspective…

Day 1

Warmth, softness and a steady beat.

I wake up nestled in with the long haired human.

Strange… she normally stumbles out of bed during the dark cold hours and leaves for this workplace she gripes about. Her hand reaches for me and sleepily rubs that spot under my chin.

Who cares why she’s still here! The scratching is always welcome.

Day 4

Long haired human is still home.

She takes the dog out daily and I can stretch out in a sunny spot. She has the perfect lap to curl up on – my purrs filling the room.

The dog keeps trying to touch me, I swipe at her muzzle and she doesn’t learn. Gone are the days the dog stayed outside, whilst the humans were out.

Day 8

Long haired human doesn’t like when I sleep on her face, but I do it anyway. The vacuum invaded the bedroom and I run to hide, the dog doesn’t seem to understand the danger.

Every window is open, the floors are wet and I’m scolded for leaving footprints! My bed is bare, no blankets to nestle into,

I begin my loud protests. 

Day 10

Long haired human has forgotten me, I begin howling at the injustice.

My bowl is empty! I can see the bottom! The dog always has food!

She shakes the bowl and it is magically full again.

The dog goes on yet another walk, leaving me alone in the peace and quiet – if only she’d stay away.

Day 14

Never have I ever been so outrageously offended. I plot the dog’s impending pain and suffering…

How dare it defile me with that foul slobber!

I retreat under the human’s bed and shake with rage. Long haired human is laughing at me. I spend the evening planning my revenge and re-grooming my fur immaculately. 

Day 19

Long haired human wont leave bed – the mutt is with her.

I slink in and curl up on her head, offering my support.

The dog and I eye each other off for hours. The day is long over when she finally drags herself from the warm cocoon, both the dog and I are rewarded generously for standing vigil with her.

After an exhausting day of naps, I retreat back to the cocoon, for my nightly slumber.

Day 23

Long haired human has recently acquired an assortment of plants. They are perfect for chewing on, or hiding behind, to scowl at the dog.

Long haired human keeps squirting me with a bottle when I chew the plants – she doesn’t understand how tasty they are!

The dog performs tricks to share the humans dinner, it has mastered catching, just like a circus animal.

Day 28

Long haired human finally takes the dog away again.

I have the house to myself!

Lapping at the dogs water has become a new favourite hobby, I aim to drink enough, so that the dog has none. But the humans always supply more, defeating my plan.

I vomit plant and food in the laundry to show how unhappy I am to have been foiled.

Day 33

Long haired human and I spend the morning together – she reads and I keep her lap warm. The only disruptions are when she repeatedly makes herself the strong smelling drink and ruins my nap. I have long gotten used to having my human home for the day, she is always around to defend me from the dog. No matter how many times i swipe at the mutt’s muzzle, it is determined to bother me.

Day 38

Long haired human is talking to man human about leaving our sanctuary. Does she not understand I need her here? I weave under her feet and try to convince her to stay.

Man human doesn’t pat me the way she does. He doesn’t smell the same. Although, maybe this means the dog will be banished back outside. I could work with that.        

Alexandra King                                           

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