A Fresh Perspective…

InkCloud has always welcomed fresh perspectives, and while we already have celebrated one talented Mother/Daughter duo, it is only right that we add another to the mix: Willow Pugh – my beautiful (10-year-old) daughter…

Life in Lockdown continues…

Part I

Imagine a world, where we can’t see our friends and family.

Where we can’t go to school, and kids have to learn to use email.

Imagine a world without trips to the movies, and all of the pools and toy-shops were closed…

But also, imagine a world where all of nature takes over.

All the animals relax.

Oceans not filling up with plastic and waste.

Seeing a blue sky full of birds.

When the flowers bloom, so do our spirits!

A world where we stay inside, and it is nature’s turn to shine…

Well, that is where we live right now – be proud!

Part IIArcher’s eyes

Life has been a bit different for me these past few months…

Mama and daddy have said ‘NO’ to me a lot.

And they’re not even hard questions!

“Can we go to the park?”

“Can we go see Nonna and Nonno?”

They just keep saying no, which is why I get so mad – and then they send me to my room!

I can’t touch anything when we leave the house – I just don’t get it…

And I never get to play with my sister! She is always busy on her computer.

Lockdown – YUCK!

Part III

This is a life in our homes.

Yes, it is a new experience, but try to make it fun!

What you think can never be fun, can be turned around.

Maybe you should try to wake up your green thumb, or get your crafty side out.

This is a time for you to be with your family.

Parents need to remember what life was like when they were younger.

Little ones will fight with each other.

But family time is quality time, so make it good!

Willow Pugh

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