The Humans are Home…

Our Life in Lockdown series has attracted some four-legged attention, with Luna joining our InkCloud family…

Luna just turned 4 and is still a puppy. She doesn’t come when called and honestly sounds like a Wookie when she howls/talks to her owner. She’s smart, but also has dopey moments, and is obsessed with chasing/eating the cat. Her fur is like glitter and gets everywhere.

Enjoy a pet’s perspective…

Day 1

My eyes snap open. Soft human is in the kitchen, she stumbles around making the strong smelling drink. She gets my lead and collar, my tail is thumping against the bench.

We walk a new way and explore new smells, she wont let me chase the ducks. She is cautious around other humans and keeps distant.

Day 4

Another walk!

Still no duck chasing but still, another walk! The cat still won’t let me sniff her – I keep trying to play. Soft human set up a small screen and talked forever. Familiar voices filled the room, but I couldn’t smell them.

I wonder where tomorrow’s walk will take us.

Day 8

No walk today, but the human is singing to loud noises in the kitchen. I try to join in and she laughs.

The cat runs from the vacuum, I watch the human remove all traces of fur for the moment. I get sent outside when the human wets the floors, the sun is warm, so I’ll nap.

Sweet smells in the kitchen, I politely inform the human I haven’t been fed in days – she calls me a liar.

Day 10

Man human chased me around the backyard today, he always manages to corner me before scratching my belly. Soft human is bending in all sorts of weird ways – she tells me one shape is called “downward dog.”

We go for another walk – the human still avoids other humans and their dogs. I beg and beg to go to the dog park, human is firm with her rejections.

Day 14

I managed to lick the cat today – human chastised me, despite her laughter. The cat swore to maim me – she’s a vibrating angry thing. Another night with the screen and soft human, she invites me to see the other humans on the screen. I knock it over trying to smell their teeny tiny faces.

Day 19

It’s late.

Soft human won’t get out of bed.

Man human sends me in to rouse her.

Instead, i lay on her feet to keep her company. We spend most of the day napping together, only emerging when the day is almost over. She spoils me with extra dinner and treats.

Her face, puffy and red.

Day 23

Soft human has set up residence on the couch. We binge watch Netflix together. She absent mindedly begins brushing my fur – soon enough, she is covered with it. The humans get pizza for dinner. Man human throws me his crusts. Soft human pretends not to notice, she always says i shouldn’t eat pizza .

Day 28


It feels like forever! Soft human hasn’t wanted to leave the house, but today she agrees to take me out. We go the long way, and loop around the lake. She still wont let me chase the ducks. Soft human is smiling when we get home, she attacks man human with her mouth and latches on to him. I jump up to see what the fuss is about, and lick their faces.

Day 33

Both humans fed me toast this morning, they don’t tell each other. Man human has been building things, I follow him around and my tail swipes through something brown and sticky. Soft human laughs at my now black, white AND brown tail. I don’t like this brown stuff. It’s sticky and smells strong, they keep calling me Moon Moon.

Day 38

Soft human has been talking about leaving the house again, to this work thing. I vocalise my disagreement – she always calls me Chewbacca when i talk. Man human come and goes, but soft human has been around constantly. I like this new routine. Soft human retreats to the couch each night, she tells me about the characters, but I’m more interested in snacks.

Love Luna

(Alexandra Kate King)

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