Midsumma Returns to Wyndham…

Midsumma comes to Wyndham in an explosion of colour and fabulousness, as Park Lounge returns to Kelly Park on Saturday February 8.

Featuring music, performance, and dance – there will be no shortage of entertainment as the great Western sunset descends, revealing a rainbow like no other!

Presented by Wyndham City, Park Lounge is a family-friendly event that explores LGBTQIA+ culture and allows “those voices at the margins” an opportunity to shine brightly.

Tristan Meecham will be hosting the event, entertaining with banter and applause-inspiring costume changes.

PO PO MO CO will be presenting their show ‘Once Upon a Drag Storytime’ – a high energy physical comedy in a fabulous celebration of gender and diverse families, for children and their adults.

Next Jex Lopez takes the stage in a masquerade of a skeleton for a quirky, noir cabaret, then be entranced by Kilia Tipa’s movement-based practice, reflecting on queer belonging and cultural performativity.

Yana Alana and Tha Paranas will lead you in a celebration of difference, a refreshing break from a world obsessed with cookie-cutter celebrity. Yana Alana, the alter ego of Sarah Ward, will take us to this new world of nonconformity with her incredible voice that ranges from Bassey-like to operatic soprano.

Event organisers are excited about the program and can’t wait for people to see what they have in store:

“It’s such a great lineup! Non-stop entertainment for 4 hours straight, and so colourful and interesting – some really great artists in there!”

Enjoy some of the famous curries from local Sri Lankan restaurant Fusion Ceylon, and grab yourself a drink from the pop-up bar. Bring a picnic rug and let your senses embrace the kaleidoscope on offer.

Saturday 8 February, 5 – 9pm @Kelly Park.

Follow @experiencewyndham for the latest updates.

Photo by Imran Abul Kashem

Reference: https://www.midsumma.org.au/about/about-midsumma/ and Experience Wyndham

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