An Ode to Spanish Hand-me-downs…

Have you made your way to the Ode to Hand-me-downs Exhibit yet? The launch was a kaleidoscope of talent and loveliness and it is inspiring to know that our future is in the hands of the young Penny Minters. This piece was contributed by another talented young westie – Amy Gardner – enjoy!

Oh sweet Spanish dress.

How we have delighted in the days of summer.

Over ten years have gone, and at the back of my cupboard you live.

Other drab items around you come and go,

But you my sweet summer dress, you are more cherished than you know.


Oh sweet Spanish dress,

Do you remember the day we met?

I was visiting my Spanish friend in Malaga for the summer.

Me in my Aussie boardies and plain-coloured T,

She in a sweet, floral, halter neck…

It was you, you see!


She showed me her city,

We spent whole days down the beach,

Soaking up the sun,

Sharing tapas and sangria and so much fun.

She admired my attire, and I hers,

So we did a trade, and paraded around the shores.

Oh sweet Spanish dress,

You remind me of a happy time

Making memories in a foreign land, with my loving Spanish friend.

And the best bit, I got to take home a piece of my visit.

Many a time I’ve donned you to impress,

My sweet, summer Spanish dress.

Amy Gardner



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