Across the Threshold…

Mia is back and bending the brain in clever and interesting ways. Someone told her that you can fill any room with the atmosphere you enter it with. An interesting idea and one that needs exploring….

Four white walls.

A door.

I walk through it.

I fill the room with zero gravity and watch the lamps and chairs float. I bound and twist and flip and return to earth only when I leave. So on some days, I am an astronaut. I see stars.

On Tuesdays, the walls are made of chocolate. So are the chairs and the lamps and so am I. I giggle as the sun melts us. I leave concrete behind when I depart.

On Friday, the room is under water. It’s glistening blue and the noises outside are all dulled by the force of waves. I swim. I wade. I listen to the gush of my ears submerging – hearing the glugs and slush of the world outside trying, but failing, to reach in. Back behind the door, my clothes are dry.

Sometimes I wonder what the room will have within its walls: stars, water, chocolate, jungles, playgrounds, libraries, mountains or clouds. Tomorrow, I’m asking it to make me a superhero. The world needs more rooms like this one, I think.

Four white walls.

A door.

My imagination.

I walk through it.

Mia Boonen

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