Sunday Mornings….

Sunday mornings are for ambling. For roaming freely. For putting responsibilities aside and inhaling life…..

I drive towards Hobsons Bay – it calls to me.

I need to be in amongst it all.

1174AAA8-FF74-4BE6-8873-F0F5F06669FFI arrive at the Cherry Lake markets – on the first Sunday of every month. I see faces I know, because the community always shows up. I buy 5 books for $5. Excellent books, recommended by the woman selling them. Conversations shared – bargains secured. My son finds a Hulk figurine, he cannot live without. The Lions sell me a sausage in bread and I know, that today is starting out right….

My boy and I move on – heading towards Newport – the tower coming into sight, welcoming us back. I turn left, diverting away from the suburban sprawl – Newport Lakes springs up out of nowhere.

We take our time, wandering around the nature reserve. The trees are towering. The birds are in full song. Nature-lovers and healthy types, passing us by, as I allow the 2-year-old to set the pace. We carefully step from rock to rock as we make our way across the lake – mindful that a misstep could lead to an unwanted dip.n3KuxODqTsqHj8kYSzrKBQ

The tower keeps watch, rising in the distance – reminding me where we are.

Easy to forget.

11 o’clock draws near and I remember I have somewhere to be….

We pile back into the car, and head for Hall Street.

Heart of Hall is fast becoming my new favourite. A café that doubles as a cooking school – this open space invites you in – providing quality, comfort and community engagement.

fullsizeoutput_998c‘Koulouria’ – (Greek Easter cookies,) are being baked én masse, as part of a free cooking demonstration. Helena, from Sweet Tiers, rolls the dough, expertly shaping it into spirals and plaits of deliciousness. I get involved, because doing is so much better than watching.

We came for the cookies, but we stay for the brunch. Fruit and yoghurt for the boy – some sort of mushroom medley for me. Is there anything better than simply taking time to enjoy a good mushroom medley?fullsizeoutput_9994

I never miss an opportunity to drive home with the beach to my left. I know there are faster ways to reach my destination, but what is the point of living so near the shoreline, if I’m not going to appreciate my surroundings? I take the scenic route, just a little slower than I should – feeling every bit as lucky as I am, to be so close to all this beauty.

The pines line the Esplanade. The people line the footpath. Logan Reserve comes into view – there are people there too. Dogs taking their owners for walks. Children running all over – oblivious to their good fortune.

I almost miss the turn – I hate to turn away from the bay….

It’s midday – there’s still so much to do, but the boy is exhausted.

Home for now – there’s always tomorrow…..


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