I think I might be a Cat.

I think I might be a cat…..

I keep finding myself lounging on top of the doona. Moving only to stretch my limbs every other hour. As I near the end of February, I must say, summer days have got me sleepy.

I’ve found I like leaving the window open – challenging the summer breeze to knock over ornaments. I like playing Tony Bennett tracks, or listening through my record of Simon and Garfunkel playing live, with the talking still in and all. I am a chronically busy person on the end of a series of quiet days and I am still being lulled into naps by the warm air.

I was told that this three-month period – from finishing exams to starting uni – would seem endless while I am in it. My inner ‘busy lady’ took her chances with filling that time. I’ve travelled, read books, written every day and managed a coffee-catch-up with every single person to which I’ve promised one. But on the hot days, my energy wanes a little. I enjoy the laziness.

I will be a cat for a while.

Autumn is on its way. The lethargy of summer is waning and yet I am living for these straggling, lazy days of summer heat. I boil a cup of tea and take showers, long enough to wash my hair. I sleep. A lot. I watch Feminists: What Were They Thinking on Netflix (you should too) and sit through That 70s Show again and again.

I take my time. I have it aplenty.

I know the cool change is on its way. I’m sure I’ll be able to pounce on opportunity when it comes a-knocking, but today? Today, I am a cat. I’ll take my 20 hours of sleep, thanks.

Mia Boonen.



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