To Jill…

Award-winning poet and Newport local, Christopher Ringrose has given InkCloud permission to share his words. What beautiful words they are….



You are the corposant that floats

in shimmering St Elmo’s fire

upon the rigging and the masts

of my light vessel as it ploughs

the darkness of my sea’s desires.

You are my loaf of fragrant bread,

my oil, the water in my well,

the hand that goes on feeding me

through all the ordinary days –

the door to places where I dwell.

The pattern of my fingerprints

contains your spirit in its whorls

so that everything I possess

is touched by worlds beyond myself;

you are the book whose tale enthralls.

You are the trail across the plain,

the scent of pines before the coast is seen,

a ford across the troubled stream

that makes me trust the river bed

and place my feet where you have been.

Christopher Ringrose

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