Stella Kinsella and other ‘Women like Us’

After successfully publishing and self-promoting two books – novel, Poison Ivy and children’s book, Wild Orphans – Williamstown local, Stella Kinsella is never short of a story to tell. Stella knows that the best way to be heard, is to speak up. Self-promotion is just another part of the story-telling process and story-telling is what Stella Kinsella does best!

“I don’t think I could get away with putting story-teller on my business card, but that’s kind of what I do.” Another facet to Stella’s story-telling, is her work as a stand-up comedian, “I took a plunge – it’s not a thing that most middle-aged women do…”

In 2015, she convinced her friend, Mandy Nolan, to join her at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She has been running the Newport Comedy Room ever since. The concept of being a stand-up comedian is a frightening one, but that fear was part of what pushed Stella to take it on, “I was basically too scared to do stand-up comedy . . . it is terrifying – you die on a semi-regular basis.”

Pushing through the fear and facing challenges head on, as well as saying ‘yes’ whenever opportunities have presented themselves, has seen Stella achieve much success, “I think some of the best things that have happened to me, have been when I’ve said ‘yes’ without knowing what I was doing.” Ms Stella seems to know what she is doing now…..

The Newport Comedy Room has seen some of Australian comedy’s finest take to the stage. Richard Stubbs, Denise Scott, Lawrence Mooney, Dave O’Neil, Frank Woodley, Hung Le, Tony Martin – if laughter is the best medicine, then Stella is fully dosed up by sheer proximity. As MC of these events, Stella is able to put her trademark warmth and wit to good use, engaging and encouraging her fellow comedians, as well as an appreciative audience.

Podcasting has allowed Stella’s work to take on new life, with her series Funny About Books. It offers an opportunity to those who are yet to discover the magic of the Newport Comedy Room, a chance to hear what they’ve been missing. The latest episode is a chat with Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs – a preview of what is to come, when these ladies bring their Women Like Us show to the Comedy Room on February 22nd.wlu local

Nolan and Briggs are expected to bring the laughter – famous for their “rapid fire, outrageously honest, delightfully irreverent comedy!” With a reputation like that, tickets are sure to sell fast.

For more information, or to buy tickets to the show, head to

Melissa Longo



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