Since I Left You….

I didn’t fully understand how much I was losing when I left you.

You stood tall and proud while I ignored you.

Worrying about the future, I packed the most inconsequential things….

It wouldn’t be long before I fully understood just how important you really were.

How I would truly come to regret your loss.

You were always there, able to take on so very much, through stormy days and sunny days. You were the one who carried my heavy burdens, and oh, how you would dance when the opportunity arose.

There have been a few others – poor substitutes, without your stamina. None of them could handle anything as well as you – they were mere lightweights in this busy life.

Unable to give all that you gave.

Imagine my absolute joy when I saw you again, standing there in my new back garden, ready to take on anything I threw at you.

Over the years nothing came close to you, my dear Hills Hoist.


Oh, how I laughed with happiness, as I burdened you with my heavy loads!

Seeing you once again, spinning and dancing in the wind…..

Words and Photos by Jenny Robinson


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