‘Salvaging’ our Food Future – Together!

InkCloud loves great ideas.

We especially love ideas that promote positivity, in a world so desperate for good things. While we are all about positivity and creativity in the West, we are not averse to spreading the word, when it comes to an initiative like the Salvage Supperclub….

The Youth Food Movement are “a community of young Australians who are sticking their heads out in the name of creating a better, fairer food future.” The group’s headquarters may be based in Sydney, but they are looking to take their ideas all over Australia, having recently launched the Supperclub here in Melbourne.

So, what is the Salvage Supperclub?

We asked Project Manager, Bree Kennedy to fill us in:

“The concept of the campaign is a cook-together, get-together with a difference. Instead of the ‘bring a plate’ concept, the idea is that guests bring along an ingredient or two on their last legs, or something they’ve never used before. They then cook something up collaboratively. We’re trying to take the pretentiousness or potential anxiety-inducing responsibility off the hosts plate and share the fun of the cook up, whilst catching up. The online platform encourages sign ups from interested peeps and those ready to host. We then guide them through the process, with a whole lot of useful assistance, famous foodie inspo and a healthy dash of unabashed humour.”180913_YFM_SalvageSupperclub_0722


Food waste is a major problem – we are in the middle of an epidemic. According to Foodwise, “Australians discard up to 20% of the food they purchase,” resulting in approximately 4,000,000 tonnes of food waste each year, ending up in landfill!

Finding creative solutions to this situation, provides the Youth Food Movement with all the motivation they need….

Bree – originally from Queensland – started out working in the Jamie’s Ministry of Food program. After 4 years rolling around in a mobile kitchen, she moved down to Sydney, ready for new opportunities, “The Youth Food Movement is a super inspiring little not-for-profit, currently lead by myself and just two other legends, backed by a vast nationwide volunteer network. We have a kitchen in the middle of our office. We cook and laugh a lot, but we work bloody hard, trying to bridge the gap between millennials and the broken food system.”


With strong support already in Sydney, launching in Melbourne was the logical next step. City of Melbourne and Sustainability Victoria got right behind the concept. A launch event was held on October 23rd at Signal, on the banks of the Yarra River. With Chef Ben McMenamin from The Social Food Project, and special guest, Alice Zaslavsky (Alice in Frames) on hand to inspire and educate, the night was a roaring success!

Melbourne’s passion for food, makes the Salvage Superclub a perfect fit.

The hope is to get the idea to catch on all over – to make the future better, by “having a salvage.” Bree is confident that their efforts will continue to gather like-minded people together, gaining traction for years to come, “Ideally, “having a salvage” will start to be a common phrase within share houses, as a fridge forage of sorts. Interest and awareness is growing, behaviour change is taking hold. We want to get young people around the nation. . . together with whatever’s left in their fridge, freezer or pantry, to cook up good food, save the planet and have a bloody good time doing it. A group of mates, dates or associ-ates get together, pool their random ingredients and make something delicious. Or at the very least, mostly edible.”

The idea of “cooking ourselves out of this mess,” is one that InkCloud is happy to get behind, so, get involved! Sign up to host a Salvage Supperclub for your family, friends or colleagues. Head to the website, get some inspiration and start “having a salvage” today!

Melissa Longo

Photos by Hellene Algie







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