At 21, I was a little lost. With school long finished, and no clear idea about what came next, I did what most 21 year olds did – I partied with my friends. This wasn’t a bad thing, but I definitely wasn’t career focused, or driven by any great passion.

Adrian Caligiuri isn’t like most 21 year olds.

Describing himself as a “young entrepreneur with a dynamic passion for the fitness industry,” Adrian is a confident, knowledgeable young man, running towards his future. Blueprint Body Performance is Adrian’s brainchild and he is determined to give it his all.

Displaying an interest early, he was “that kid who ran into class after each lunch break, with a bright red face and covered in sweat.” Adrian’s love for all things sport, saw him receive a scholarship for basketball at Maribyrnong Sports Academy. Being surrounded by professional level athletes and coaches, physiotherapists, sports nutritionists, personal trainers and many other fitness professionals, helped to cultivate Adrian’s interest in the fitness industry.

From secondary education, to a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, Adrian learned many valuable lessons, but one stood out above the rest, “I soon realised the importance of aligning your endowed passion or what it is you love, with how you choose to contribute to the community. For me, that was fitness!”

The real drive behind Blueprint Body Performance is Adrian’s unwavering commitment to helping others:

“My interests, beliefs, morals, and values all stem from a greater purpose of wanting to help others in any way that I know how, which happens to be within the fitness industry. Seeing remarkable changes occur in the lives of the people I work with, is something that not only inspires me, but gives my life an abundance of direction and fulfilment.”

It all started with a phone call from a family friend. The struggle to lose weight is familiar to many, but this particular friend was facing some very serious weight-related issues, “She was quite frightened to discover one day, that she was at serious risk of many cardiovascular diseases and her health markers indicated that her life expectancy had been significantly reduced.” Heavy information for a young person to process.

Adrian swung into action. He began training with his young friend and the results were very encouraging, “Together we managed to strip 15 kilos in the first 12 weeks. Her blood pressure had normalised and her confidence and vitality had skyrocketed.”

Having this kind of positive impact on somebody else’s life, gave Adrian the belief that he was “capable of helping others in a real way!” The focus of Blueprint Body Performance is high quality level of care. Adrian believes that true happiness comes about “through the accomplishment of goals in the face of barriers and obstacles.”  Every person that attends a Blueprint Boot Camp session, is progressing and achieving the results that they are after.

With Winter driving many to their couches and Spring offering little reprieve, Adrian counters that weather is no deterrent for him and his clients, “The weather is one of the most exciting variables that my clients are faced with. If you’ve ever attended a Blueprint Boot Camp session in the rain, or on a windy day, or on a day that is 0 degrees, you’ll understand why….”

Melbourne’s weather is notorious for its topsy-turvy inclinations, but Adrian inspires, with his passion and positivity, “Truthfully, some of the best bonding experiences between clients have occurred during sessions in heavy downpour, or gale force winds, and it is in these times that my clients have had some of the best mental breakthroughs.”

Renovations have begun on a studio space in Hoppers Crossing – Blueprint Body Performance’s very own Boot Camp studio is set to open on October 14th. It’s a very exciting prospect for Adrian and his team, and clearly well deserved.Wallpaper

Adrian is determined to lead by example, “I try to live and breathe each passing moment, striving to reach my potential. Whether that is by helping my clients achieve their fitness goals . . . training relentlessly in the gym, or simply researching the latest technology in my field of practise, I’m a guy who goes all in!”

A bright future lies ahead of Adrian and his Blueprint Body Performance family. His positivity and determination will no doubt continue to inspire those around him and in an industry that demands commitment, Adrian Caligiuri has exactly what it takes to succeed.

Melissa Longo

*Get involved in one of Blueprint Body Performance’s Bootcamp sessions – info at

*Article originally featured in Around Point Cook Issue #103


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