POINT COOK – a Treasure Waiting to be Found!

On Sunday August 5th, a group of swashbuckling buccaneers descended upon the Jamieson Way Community Centre, with the glint of adventure in their eyes! The Point Cook Action Group invited locals to come down to the Point Cook Market. Maps were distributed – the challenge? To find the hidden treasure, on a madcap journey of discovery, all around Point Cook!

My troupe and I were ready to go, beginning our escapade appropriately, at the Pirate Ship Park, in the Alamanda Estate. We climbed to the summit and looked out over our beautiful suburb. The sun was shining – a rare treat of a day in Winter. The kids played and we all took turns, braving the famously long slide. I’ve never been a big fan of slides and this particular slide did nothing to win me over, but the kids were thrilled with my bravery.

From one park to another, our next stop was the Saltwater Coast, to count crocodile teeth!38480801_10156561880976119_7402117800963080192_o

It was fun to see so many families, maps in hand, enjoying the Sunday sunshine. While the weather wasn’t bad, it will definitely be exciting to return to this crocodile playground in the heat of summer.

We piled back into the car and made a quick pit stop at the Saltwater Community Centre, before refuelling at the Waterstone Café in Sanctuary Lakes. Not a moment too soon. We were all starving and nothing beats back hunger like a chicken parma and some crisp, hot chips!

With our bellies filled, we were ready for a little beach time fun. The Point Cook Coastal Park is such a beautiful spot. It’s easy to forget we are blessed with such a sweet slice of paradise. With parks for playing, BBQs for cooking and ocean for splashing about – it’s the perfect spot for family outings. As it was, we weren’t prepared for splashing about, but we can’t wait for the weather to turn.

With time running out, and still a few places to get to on our treasure hunt, we brushed the sand off our clothes and made our way to the next destination – to see if we could get a good view of the aerial activities at the RAAF Base. Unfortunately, our timing was off and there was nothing to see, beyond the local birdlife.

Our last 2 clues took us down Palmers Road, to appreciate the PCAG’s art work on the sound walls, and finally to the Town Centre, to seek out pretty pink cubby houses.

The kids were exhausted!

I was even more so!

We returned to where it all began, at the Point Cook Market, satisfied that we had successfully navigated our wonderful suburb. Prizes were distributed, as the community that we were proud to be a part of, had gathered to celebrate a day well spent.


The Point Cook Action Group does a wonderful job of representing the people, and this day was no exception! We walked away with smiles on our faces and the knowledge that we had all found some very real treasure on that sunny Sunday afternoon – the treasure that is Point Cook!

Melissa Longo

*Article originally featured in Around Point Cook, Issue #104


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