I like to read.

Actually, I love to read.

It’s always been that way. My mum likes to tell anyone that will listen that I was reading newspapers at 3. It may be the exaggerations of a proud mum, or perhaps I was a prodigy? Either way, one thing is clear – I’ve been keen on this reading caper for a very long time.

I’m not one of those people that only enjoys one type of book. I don’t discriminate. I like thrillers and memoirs. Romance and fantasy. I like romantic fantasies! If there is a story on the horizon, I am happy to chase it down.

The problem with this, is my unending desire to buy all the books.

I prefer books. I am not into Kindles. My iPad is no place for literature. I want to surround myself with piles of novels. I love their spines, their covers and the feeling I get when I turn the final page – like I’ve reached the summit and the view is spectacular.

I walk into the Sun Bookshop and I buy a book. I don’t mean to, but how can I not?

I think it’s because I’m not just a reader – I’m a writer.

If I ever wrote a book, I would like to think that some avid reader couldn’t resist my flashy spine/cover combo. The books must be appreciated.

So, I read my books and I pop them back on the shelf, or in a box, or on a pile, precariously perched on my dresser. And that’s it. They sit and they wait. What are they waiting for? I can’t read them again, because I have since bought more books – I don’t have time for repeat performers.

But the books must be appreciated….

I’ve had an idea.

I’m going to give my books away. Randomly.

RandomReads is something I came up with last week, when I stumbled upon yet another box of books, wasting away in the dank depths of my gloomy garage. I’m going to get these books the encore they deserve.

I intend to take my books and redistribute them – one letterbox-drop at a time. The stories should be enjoyed. Again, and again.

I have designed some postcards to attach to the books – a little message to explain the randomness of it all. I’m hoping to make some people smile. I also hope to use the opportunity to expand my Rich with Love family – some more random reading on offer, should they choose to subscribe.

With any luck, it’ll take off and there will be people all over the Western suburbs, spreading the word – sharing the love – clearing out books that have served their initial purpose and need a fresh set of eyes.

And if it doesn’t take off, at least I will have made a little more room on my book shelves for any inevitable future purchases.

#richwithlove #randomreads

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